What does a jobholder


1. SWOT analysis combines ________.

A) a company's mission with its goals

B) external and internal analyses 

C) a company's philosophy with its ethics 

D) profit with productivity

2. Procter & Gamble organizes its 300 brands into five main categories: family care, fabric care, beauty care, health care, and food and beverage. They use ________ compartmentalization.

A) geographical

B) customer

C) product

D) process

3. ________ departmentalization groups jobs on the basis of product flow through the organization.

A) Product

B) Functional 

C) Process 

D) Customer

4. ________ refers to the number of subordinates that a manager can efficiently and effectively manage.

A) Responsibility

B) Unity of command 

C) Chain of command 

D) Span of control

5. Another term for increased decentralization is ________.

A) structural delayering

B) participative delegation 

C) authority distribution

D) employee empowerment

6. A written statement of what a jobholder does, how it is done, and why it is done is known as a ________.

A) job specification

B) job analysis

C) goal-oriented job definition

D) job description

7. A list of the minimum qualifications or requirements needed by an employee to perform a job is known as a ________.

A) job analysis 

B) job description

C) job responsibility index

D) job specification

8. Downsizing seems to harm ________.

A) victims who are dismissed only

B) both victims who are dismissed and survivors who stayed on

C) survivors who stayed on only 

D) managers who carried out the dismissals and their families only

9. Recruitment is most accurately defined as the process of ________.

A) hiring employees from competitors 

B) locating, identifying, and attracting potential employees 

C) screening job applicants to ensure that the best candidates are hired 

D) hiring job candidates from outside the organization

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