What did you think of the 16 personalities quiz we did today



1. What did you think of the 16 Personalities quiz we did today?

What was the personality type you were given? Do you feel the results were accurate? Were you surprised by the results? If you disagree with the results, in what ways are you different? Feel free to share your results with a friend or family member and ask if they agree or disagree, or take the quiz again with your friends.

2. Pick an interpersonal behavior you would like to improve, either real or fictitious. Use the 5-step model discussed in class to change the chosen behavior. You can pick a behaviour from the list below, or choose anything you like.

  1. I'm too shy
  2. I'm overbearing and obnoxious
  3. I intimidate too many people
  4. I have trouble expressing my feelings
  5. I have little patience for other people's suggestions or opinions
  6. I have a difficult time solving problems when working in a group
  7. I'm a poor team player
  8. Very few people listen to me
  9. My temper is too often out of control
  10. I am a poor listener
  11. When I'm in a conflict with another person, I usually lose
  12. I hog too much time in meetings or in class
  13. I'm very poor at office politics
  14. People find me boring
  15. It is difficult for me to criticize others
  16. I'm too serious most of the time
  17. I have a hard time focusing when someone is talking to me.
  18. I avoid controversy in dealing with others
  19. It is difficult for me to find things to talk about with others
  20. I don't get my point across well
  21. I feel awkward dealing with a customer
  22. I don't get the point of the importance of ethics in business
  23. My attempts to lead others have failed
  24. I rarely smile when I am with other people

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