Characteristics of a culture


Cultural anthropology: The human challenge, 15th edition by William Haviland. The Characteristics of a culture.

1) Within our culture, there are many subcultures (a group of people who hold many of the values and norms of the large culture but also hold onto certain beliefs, values, and norms, that set them apart).Could you make friends with or even marry someone from another subculture? What kind of problems would you be likely to encounter? 20%

2) As noted in the readings, culture is based on symbols. What is a symbol of your culture and what does it signify? 10% Pictures can be loaded here.

3) Peoples in all cultures across the world display ethnocentrism, but some more so than others. Considering today's globalization (as described), do you think ethnocentrism poses more of a problem than in the past? What are the positives and what are the negatives of ethnocentrism?

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History: Characteristics of a culture
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