What are the fundamentals google claimed in second module

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• How does Google Define finding a digital opportunity in business?

• What are the fundamentals Google claimed in the second module as the keys to building an online presence?

• In your opinion, why is it important to analyze and adapt your online and digital marketing presence on an ongoing basis?

• The training dives into module 3 on various elements of building an online presence. Take 3 key traits/factors from this module and pick any retail website online as an example that you believe exhibits those 3 traits of a successful online presence? Explain by correlating it back to the module

• In your own words, how important is it to understand the behavior of the digital consumer in order to generate an effective online presence with them?

The response must include a reference list. One-inch margins, double-space, Using Times New Roman 12 pnt font and APA style of writing and citations.

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Marketing Management: What are the fundamentals google claimed in second module
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