What are some of the pathways to crime for women


Directions: Provide a detailed answer to each question provided. Be sure to fully explain the answer to provide clarity. Use additional paper if more space is needed.

1. Explain Feminist Theory?

2. What are two of the four orientations of Feminist Theory?

3. Name and define the two of the branches of feminist theory?

4. What is Trauma theory?

5. What is Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Explain.

6. What is Addiction theory? How does this relate to women?

7. We talked about how we as youth were socialized as boys and girls. Talk about the message that were given and explain how that connects to how women are treated within the systen Explain in detail.

8. What are some of the pathways to crime for women? Explain at least two of them.

9. Why is it important to understand trauma and addiction in women? Explain.

10. What are two of the five aspects of Feminist thought that distinguished it from the majority of criminological inquiry?


What is a Review Essay? A Review Essay uses the core literature in a field and current events or policies to analyze a collection of readings. The idea of a review essay is to place the readings in a larger context that gives meaning to the readings apart from the discreet contributions of each. This Review Essay is modified in the following two ways:

• Students will not be required to consult literature beyond the readings and handouts used in the course. Therefore, no library research is required to complete the assignment

• Students will be required to use information gathered from guest speakers and films used in the course to elaborate on the material covered in the readings and to integrate the comments and views of the speakers into the final paper


The Review Essay is a formal paper that conforms to the standards for upper level college courses. First, the final version must be reviewed for spelling and grammatical errors, and show evidence of being proofread for logic and organization. Second, all materials used in the paper (either as quotes or sources of data) must be referenced using a standard referencing style (MLA, APA, or ASA). A bibliography of works used must be included. Failure to adhere to these standards will result in a lower grade. Third, the Review Essay must show evidence that information from the course that was not found in the readings has been used in the final analysis. Fourth, originality of thought, based on a clear and coherent theme, must form the core of the review.

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