Transforming and revolutionize the beverage industry


Assuming that the product is a new cola flavor for Pepsi (will use a fictitious product name as an example):

PepsiCo. Was first established in 1902 and founded by drug store owner Caleb Bradham who developed the popularized fountain drink with the vision of creating an astounding product that consumers could enjoy internationally. With nothing more than a unique concoction of nuts, water, and rare essential oils, Caleb continued to try new flavors in an effort to expand upon the corporation's overall mission. PepsiCo. manufactures, sells, and markets a plethora of beverages carbonated and non-carbonated in addition to distributing a diverse range of snacks that exceed the expectations of their consumers. PepsiCo is fundamentally responsible for operating four primary business segments which include:

- Frito Lay.
- Quaker Foods (stationed in North America).
- PepsiCo International.
- PepsiCo Beverages (Stationed in North America).

When PepsiCo enters a new market, the organization collaborates with different partners, builds alliances and merges with other companies to enlarge their stakeholder and shareholder capacity.

The new "Blackberry Twist" is a new flavor for PepsiCo. Products that combines berry flavors with a twist of lime that provides consumers a surprising mixture of cola, citrus, and exotic fruits. The "Black Berry Twist" is also a beverage that's key ingredient is used to stimulate metabolism and boost energy which will soon allow the organization to develop a product that will replace coffee beverages and 5-hour energy. Similar to PepsiCo's founder, this new drink is an exotic collection of unique flavors in a Pepsi-Cola drink. The objective is to launch a product that is outside of the normal spectrum of beverages. After conducting comprehensive research products such as

"Blackberry Twist" has not yet reached the marketplace, PepsiCo competitors did not execute a strategic action plan that would permit a mixture of explosive flavors, instead PepsiCo competitors (i.e. Coca Cola) remained within the confines of the usual either or scenario of cola beverages or citrus or fruity beverages. Now is the time for the soft drink industry to completely transform and revolutionize the beverage industry.

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Business Law and Ethics: Transforming and revolutionize the beverage industry
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