Steps to prepare to produce the word processed documents

Assignment task:

Steps to prepare to produce the word processed documents:

  • Review and adjust your work area, using safe work practices, to ensure that ergonomic, work organisation, energy and resource conservation requirements are met. Document the review, including any adjustments made to meet requirements.
  • Identify the purpose, audience and presentation requirements for the document, including requirements for timelines, consulting and clarifying with relevant personnel as required. Record the purpose, audience, presentation and timeline requirements identified, as well as any personnel consulted.
  • Identify the organisational requirements to be applied and followed to ensure consistency of style and image for the text-based business documents. Document or provide the organisational requirements identified.
  • Evaluate the complex technical functions of available software to identify its usefulness in fulfilling the task requirements. Document the evaluation.
  • Identify and match the document requirements with software functions to ensure the efficient production of the document

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