Starting up a new software development company


I have to write a 500 word essay on the following scenario below. Can you help?

Two of your best friends Hector Ramirez and Yash Perdorna have approached you with some questions about starting up a new software development company. Both of your friends have large families who would like to invest in the company. In addition, Yash is originally from Banglore, India and wants to locate some R&D Staff there and a small sales force to tap into the Indian market. Given the situation your friends have come seeking your advice. They would like your recommendation on the type of corporate governance that they should use including any disadvantages that they need to be aware of. In addition, they would like to tap into their families desires to invest in the company but they are not sure what would be the best way to go about it. They would like a financing proposal that includes not only the advantages of the plan but also the disadvantages. Finally neither man has done much international commerce and would like to know at least two things that they need to be concerned about with it and one needs to be tied specifically to India.

Be sure to properly cite your references in your paper.

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Finance Basics: Starting up a new software development company
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