Should china have been admitted into the wto


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1. Should China have been admitted into the WTO? Why or why not?

Will admission to the WTO and increased trade result in more openness and prosperity, ultimately improving environmental and labor standards? Or will increased trade result in more widespread abuses? If so, what kind? Should China's admission to the WTO have been conditioned on improvements in human rights, worker safety, and environmental protection? Defend your response.

2. The Green Revolution has been an important strategy in the increase in crop yields in South Asia (especially in India). Do some library and Internet research to learn more about the Green Revolution in South Asia. What has been the extent of the improvement in yields because of the Green Revolution? What have been the costs? Are there other alternatives to the strategies promoted by the Green Revolution?

3. Select a primate city within Southeast Asia, such as Manila or Bangkok. Learn more about the city's problems of over-urbanization (e.g., population crowding, homelessness, flooding, inadequate infrastructure). What strategies (if any) have been promoted to mitigate these problems? Have these strategies been successful? Have conditions in the quality of life for the urban residents improved?

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