Rapid application development for e-business


1.Rapid Application Development for E-Business

Supply and demand. The supply of technical specialists is not enough to support the demand for new systems, or maintenance of the old ones. Something has to fill the gap-that's why you see so many new methods already on the market and more advanced, easier-to-use tools coming down the road. The shortage of skilled technicians is also why you see more and more companies moving away from the structured methods we've reviewed. There just isn't enough time.

Discuss how Rapid Application Development (RAD)helps organizations overcome the shortages being faced today.

2. So what's the problem?

Answering that question is harder than you might think. You have to analyze the current situation to determine the real cause of the problem. Make sure you're addressing the real problem and not just the symptoms. Effective systems analysis, adequately determining the real problem, is the key. In the IT world that means following the first three steps in the problem-solving process as shown in Figure

List and discuss these three steps as to how they are important in IT

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