Role of health consultant for a hospital


Consider the following scenario.

Imagine that you have been hired as a health consultant for a hospital. At the hospital you have set up two programs, relaxation therapy and meditation. The hospital has presented you with three cases and asks you to decide which ones, if any, would be appropriate for enrollment in your programs.

Case 1: Louisa is a 25 year old white woman who has a history of allergies. She has come to the hospital outpatient unit because of a very stubborn and agonizing case of rashes on her hands and arms. The doctors say it may be eczema and are doing more exact tests to be sure. In the meantime, one thing is certain from her case workup: her problem flares up every time she has a break up in a relationship. The doctors believe there is a strong body/mind/emotional context to her problem. The hospital practices evidence based medicine and ask you to provide an evidence based decision as to whether your programs could help in this case.

Case 2:David is a 50-year-old married man, who is a naturalized citizen and has lived in the United States for the last 30 years. He lives with his wife, married son and daughter-in-law, and their four children. David has worked in an automobile factory for 15 years and now complains of severe pains in his knees. His doctors have diagnosed the problem as rheumatoid arthritis. They want your evidence-based opinion on whether your program would be appropriate for him.

Case 3:Quinn is a 28 year old veteran from the Iraq war. He is currently employed as a proof reader in the city newspaper. As he drives to work around ten every night, the streets are deserted, except for trash piled near the curb waiting for pick up. Seeing the deserted streets and piles of trash triggers flashbacks of his experiences in Iraq where several times explosive devices hidden in trash exploded and wounded or killed soldiers in his convoy. The hospital counseling center wants to know if evidence indicates that your programs might be able to help him deal with the flashbacks.

Prepare three reports suitable for presentation to the hospital outpatient director. Each report should include the following:

-Presenting problem


-Evidence (drawn from the text or outside readings) about the appropriateness of relaxation and/or meditation for the case

-Your recommendation, based on the evidence

Be sure to support your reports with a total of at least five research articles published in peer reviewed journals in the past five years.

Create a  5 to 7 pages, includes all three reports.

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