Review video-the media of terrorism


Read Chapter and view the following video clip, then respond to the following questions.

Islam: The Media of Terrorism and its Effects (January 27, 2007) [6:17], ORIWATW documentary. (Requires age verification on You Tube.)

StarTFG (Screen name). (2007. January 27). Islam: The media of terrorism and its effects. (Video file].

Using key terms and concepts from the reading and the video, answer the following questions in a balanced way.

1. What were your thoughts on this video clip?

2. Do you see this as promoting one-sided thought or providing valuable information?

3. Could this be viewed as propaganda, increasing fear of terrorism? Support your position.

Make sure to:

• Write a short essay or paragraph of at least 500 words. [POST YOUR WORD COUNT AT THE END OF YOUR MAIN POST.]

• Use concrete examples/details and avoid generalities.

• Address all questions.

• Use proper grammar and punctuation.

• Remember to cite your sources.

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