Problem based on geometric concepts


Think of a situation in which you might need to use geometry skills. For example:

  • How many sheets of drywall you would need to cover a specific room?
  • How many cans of paint you would need to paint a room with two coats of paint?
  • How much fabric you would need to buy to reupholster a specific piece of furniture?

For this Discussion, you will write the detailed steps for your own two-part word problem based on geometric concepts. You will need to explain the geometric situation/problem that needs to be solved, provide the numbers related to the geometric situation, and provide a full solution and explanation for the problem. You will need to:

  • Describe what shapes you need to measure. Describe each measurement that needs to be determined and what those measurements are.
  • Make your calculations and provide the solution.

Think carefully about the final answer you provide. What errors are common to these types of problems?

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History: Problem based on geometric concepts
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