Review-is google making us stupid


Prompt 1: First, do the following exercise, which is adapted from Ruszkiewicz's A Reader's Guide to College Writing.

Write a 1-2 paragraph report that summarizes Nicholas Carr's "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" by using the following techniques recommended by Ruszkiewicz: Quote from Carr's article at least twice, being certain to include appropriate signal phrases and verbs of attribution. Include an ellipsis mark in at least one of the quotations to shorten it. In other words, quote a lengthy passage and pare it down carefully to make it more pertinent to readers. Use brackets to add pertinent information to a quotation. You might add a date, an author's first name, an explanatory phrase, and so on. Introduce ideas from Carr's article at least twice, acknowledging the borrowing, but not quoting from the material directly. Be sure that readers realize that you are paraphrasing Carr.

Your report should be 1-2 paragraphs long, and should give your classmates a full view of Carr's article.

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