Review-author takes fresh look at shaping of us cultural


READ the file from Colin Woodard's book American Nations (2011), and answer as many of the prompts below as you want points for (number them, please!).

1: What is your initial reaction to the ideas contained?

2: Describe a cultural conflict you've seen between people of these different regions.

3: Which region are you from, geographically? (If outside of North America, explain what "cultural region" you are from.)

4: What cultural values did you see growing up? (Can you tie this into your values survey!?)

5: Do they fit the description given for your region? (If not, are they part of a different region, or a regional subculture?)

This video gives a quick overview of some main ideas and ties the book into our larger topic of multiculturalism:

Review the youtube video: Author Takes Fresh Look at Shaping of U.S. Cultural, Political Landscape




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