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Research Project Complete Tutorial

you'll write a research paper. Your paper should be between 3 and 5 double spaced pages. The purpose of the paper will be to persuade your reader, using factual information from your research,thast your position on the chosen subject is the most suitable, logical way to view the topic. I have chosen the topic. Are there multiple intellegences

The challenge here is loggical and coherant supporting or rejecting gardners concept of multiple intellegences. you'll note in your initial research that gardners ideas have have been quite influential on education-mainly in the context of addressing different learning styles. the fact dosent require you to support gardners theory. you can either support or reject it., compare what you find especially on the purpose of the ninth intellegence called existential intellegence in one case and existential in the other. Their are 8 standard intelligences youll eant to consider the ninth kind of intelligence when you take a stand for or against gardners model.


The components of your research paper will include the following;

A cover sheet

The body of your paper

A work cited page where you cite the works and sources youve used to write your paper.

Cover sheet must include
The titlre in all capital letters
Name and student number

The following information Submitted for course ssc 130 Essentials in psycology
Current date
Research project number 05020500
Body of paper

1.State your claim
2.present your evidence for the claim
3.consider objections to your claim and refute those objections
4. conclude your paper.
must include at least at least 3 of the following references
psychology and your life, and 2 or more internet or print sources.
Format the paper using a standard font,\.

Within the body of the paper it would be helpful for your reader if you supply center heading for the 3 main parts of the paper.

Argument title;

Within the body of the text,cite references.
on the reference page you'll list your sources in alphabetical order.

Project must be between 3 to 5 double spaced pages.

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