Recall you have been hired as the chief operating officer

The second part of the practicum involves the selection of the appropriate statistical technique to do analysis.

Recall you have been hired as the chief operating officer of a multi-hospital health care system. The CEO has approached you in your new role and asked you to do an analysis of factors affecting the total costs of hospitals in your region based on the data provided to you in an Excel file.

For this assignment, you will select the appropriate statistical test that allows you to conduct an analysis of the factors affecting hospital costs. You will have to select the correct statistical test and conduct that test in Excel. Based on the output you produce in Excel, analyze your data and produce a 250-word (approximately) summary describing the major findings of your analysis. Your final analysis should include (minimally), the following:

the variables that most affect hospital cost.

an overview of the P and F values in your Excel tables.

a discussion of the degrees of freedom and the sample size.

You should also discuss any significant relationships that present themselves in the Excel files produced from your statistical analysis. You are not limited by the information presented above. In fact, only discussing the aforementioned items will result in a score of "Basic" proficiency in the scoring rubric. However, the aforementioned items are the minimum areas you need to address in your narrative.

Submit both your statistical tables (output) and your summary. You should combine these items in one document so that you are sending your instructor one combined file rather than two individual files.

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Finance Basics: Recall you have been hired as the chief operating officer
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