Choose a different author using the definitions from the

Choose a different author from the list below for each of the three questions for this week's writing. There are four authors and three questions, so you will only choose three of the four authors.

1. Mina Loy

2. Marianne Moore

3. F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. Randall Jarrell

1. Marianne Moore


"To a Snail"

"The Paper Nautilus"

"The Mind is an Enchanting Thing"

2. Mina Loy

"Feminist Manifesto"

3. F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Babylon Revisited"

4. Randall Jarrell

"The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner"

1. How would you describe the protagonist in the work of your first author? Name three of the protagonist's most important characteristics and supply examples from the poems or story that support your idea. Do you find the protagonist (s) sympathetic? Is he/she a victim? If you chose Moore for this question, you may use more than one poem from the assigned reading.

2. Choose a different author. Using the definitions from the course lectures, discuss how the idea of naturalism or modernism is depicted in your author's work. Give examples of the particular period you find in the story or poems. Do you see any historical or scientific elements from the early half of the 20th century in the piece? Is the structure traditional or an act of rebellion?

3. Choose another author. What is the conflict in your third choice? Is it resolved? Why or why not? You may feel this entry needs to be about Fitzgerald, but the poets might be more exciting to write about in terms of conflict. For example: Does Jarrell write about more than the conflict at war? Does Loy address gender conflict? Is Marianne Moore's poetry about her inner conflict?

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