Outline defined roles for each team member

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My goal as a team leader is to complete a given task or project on time as scheduled and to outline clearly defined roles for each team member. Considering the potential impact that objectives and goals have on a team's morale, it is my responsibility to create a set of objectives and goals that are realistic, achievable, and tailored to the team's needs. When armed with clear goals, the team leader can help the team avoid frustrations related to ambiguity and lack of clarity as well as uncertainty regarding the specific activities and expectations of team members( Weber et al., 2018). Moreover, by setting these clearly defined goals, I am considering all possible outcomes and the potential challenges the team might face in implementing the change. Clearly defined and attainable goals keep teams motivated and focused on achieving desired outcomes.

To ensure that all outcomes are considered, it is important to understand the current and future state as well as the team's capabilities and resources. Weber et al.(2018) stress that it is critical for the team to be adaptable and flexible because the more tenuous the desired outcome the more significant for the team to have those skills. In addition, objectives and goals should have a timeline and a plan of action for achieving them, thus ensuring that every member of the team stays on track. When given specific goals, workers perform higher than when they are simply told to "do their best" or when they receive no guidance at all (Cumming &Worley, 2015). Furthermore, allowing team members to contribute ideas and give feedback establishes a sense of belonging and purpose.  One of the oldest and most effective strategies for overcoming resistance is to involve organization members directly in planning and implementing change. Participation can lead both to designing high-quality changes and to overcoming resistance to implementing them (Cumming & Worley, 2015).


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FYI, this is the question of this answer: Thinking about your upcoming assignment about setting objectives and goals for a team, set one goal for yourself and one goal in relation to the assignment. Describe the potential impact those goals will have when implementing change. How do you consider all possible outcomes for goals and objectives?

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