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Q: A partner in the Washington, D.C., office of Butler & Binion, Colletter Bohatch received internal firm reports about billing. The reports made her concerned that John McDonald, the managing partner of the office, engaged in overbilling of Pennzoil, the office's major client. Bohatch told Louis Paine, the firm's managing partner, who said he would investigate. Two days later, Bohatch repreated her concerns to Paine and two other members of the firm's management committee. They investigated Bohatch's concerns. Pennzoil's contact with the firm said Pennzoil had no complaint with the bills. Paine told Bohatch the investigation uncovered no basis for her complaints and the firm expelled her. She sued alleging that althoug the partnerhsip agreement provided for expulsion, she should not be expelled for reporting possible overbilling. Could the firm expel her without liability?

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