Make a list of arguments for the nature vs nurture debate

Assignment: Nature vs. Nurture

Make a LIST of arguments for the nature vs. nurture debate on a topic you will select below (e.g., aggression). Be sure to explain your points, and make it clear what you mean. You should include 4 arguments for each side, for a total of 8 arguments. For the sake of clarity, formatting this information as a table or list is suggested.

Outline your opinion on this debate: which side seems more convincing to you? Your opinion should be based on the arguments you have outlined and you should come to a conclusion about this debate. Once again, put any key terms in BOLD FONT. Your assignment should be approximately 2 pages double-spaced: ½ page for your list of arguments and 1-1½ pages for your point of view.

You need to ensure that the arguments (i.e., evidence) you use when discussing your point of view are scientific in nature and not simply your opinion. You will be evaluated on your reasoning skills (i.e., the arguments you put forth are logical) and NOT on whether I agree with the position you take.

Select one of the following topics:




musical ability





athletic ability



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Science: Make a list of arguments for the nature vs nurture debate
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