List the phases of any product development in the order in

1- What are the three components of "Venn" (sometimes written as Wen) Diagram-select from the followings circle them?


b-due diligence


e-draw or write

2- Where does the "Product" occur within Venn diagram? a-does not occur in this diagram

b-outside of the three circles

c-where three circles intersect

3- List the phases of any "Product Development" in the order in which they happen?

4- What is the meaning of "Bidding" phase?

a- Coming up with a concept
b- Take the design development to construction documents
c- Finding prices from qualified builders or manufacturers
d- None of the above

5- What is the meaning of "Due Diligence"?

a- Testing the materials thru non-destructive methods
b- Finding out the rules and regulations that will facilitate or block the development of the
c- Write the bidding documents
d- None of the above

6- Where does the marketing and research fit in within the engineering field;

a- Almost everywhere when the product is being used by public
b- It has no place in the engineering field
c- Plays very minor role
d- None of the above

7- How many times is the billing rate larger than the pay rate (we are talking about generic types)?

8- Companies or corporations typically offer paid vacation and sick leave; where is this money calculated in your invoices to the clients?

9- It is best and recommended that you do not obtain approval from your client before you start the next phase of your project?



10- Outline 3 to 5 keys as noted in your text book -Chapter 1 (Your reading assignment) to be successful in studying engineering

11- Which of the listed materials below are considered ancient materials?

a- Titanium
b- Silver
c- Stainless Steel
d- None of the above

12- What have been the "basic needs" by which human history has been shaped by:

13- If the billing rate for someone in an engineering office is $150/hr, what is this person's payrate?

a- $25/hr
b- $32/hr
c- $50/hr
d- $65/hr

14- You have worked on a project for 40 hours in your office; your invoice to your client is $6,000; if your payrate is 1/3 of your billing rate, then what will be your payrate per hour and what is you paycheck for that week excluding any withholdings;

a- $50/hr, $2000 week
b- $55/hr, $2500 week
c- $65/hr, $4500 week
d- None of the above

15- Aqueducts are for transferring
a- Heat

b- Oil

c- Gas

d- Water

16- Write all the phases of engineering contract along with their abbreviations:
17- What were the problems regarding the use of "lead" in making plates, forks and knives?
18- Write 5 items that help an engineer keep up with the changes in his or her field;
19- What are the "Smart Metals":
20- Write ten by-product of oil that we use in our daily lives

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