Leadership-management-ethical challenges that managers face

Task: General Project Deliverable:

I am seeking a promotion at my current employment and I need your assistance on a discussion of the issues facing the CEO as he tries to implement change.

I have to provide the management with advice to senior level managers on management problems being experienced within the organizations. My role is to analyze the situation and then general business knowledge, and sound management principles and theories, to produce a report to the senior manager.

My recommendations are important, but equally important is my justification for those recommendations. The justification must convince the manager that my advice is worth the price he or she paid for it. The manager should feel confident that I have arrived at the correct conclusions and that my conclusions are well supported by good judgment and competent authority in the subject. My goal is to produce results that will strengthen my reputation as a management consultant and encourage the manager to hire me in the future for other projects.

Leadership Challenge: Selecting Team Members

The leader of my client organization has observed a lack of flexibility and a slow decision-making process in many of the departments. He believes that he is not serving his customers well, and has decided to move to a team environment and to push many of the decisions to the lowest possible levels. In other words, he wants to create a team-based, empowered organization. Several of his best managers are resisting the idea strongly. They not only feel that many employees are not ready for the change, but they also believe that they personally could never change from a "command and control" style to allowing more participation.

I have been asked to prepare a report in which I will address the following questions:

1. How should the leader deal with the situation?

2. How are leading and managing different?

3. Is the CEO trying to lead or manage this change initiative?

4. What arguments can he use to persuade his managers?

5. What can he do to help his managers change their style?

6. What are the implications of his actions and decisions?

7. What would I recommend to the CEO given my analysis of his approach thus far?


1. Compare and contrast leadership and management, and understand their similarities and differences as well as the ethical challenges that managers face.

2. Discuss and explain when and why participation should be used to improve leadership effectiveness.

3. Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

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Business Law and Ethics: Leadership-management-ethical challenges that managers face
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