Leadership in solar and energy industries


Our main goal is to be the low cost leadership in solar and energy industries and get a big share of market by attract more customers.

TESLA INC . We are focusing on Tesla home Solar power line of business.

We have done our research. We found that If Tesla Inc acquire American Manganese,

This is our research and development

What American Manganese does is to recycle car batteries in which they get 100% raw material of lithium ion, cobalt, nickel and Manganese.

The components of Tesla Solar panel system aresolar power and a Tesla Powerwall,powerwallis solar AC Battery. Raw Material in Powerwall areCobalt, Nickel andManganese. All of this chemical can be found in American Manganese company rather then buying it from chemical companies abroad. By these we can reduce the cost of solar powerwallfrom $6000 to $4000 on each powerwall produced. So therefore it will make tesla reduce the selling price of tesla solar panel. In that way we have achieve low cost leadership advantage within the solar industry, which will then attract more customer. That mean there will be an increase in sales which will increase tesla revenue.

By acquiring American Manganese, the raw material can also be use for car batteries in Tesla motor division. This will also lower the cost of producing car batteries which will make tesla revenue to increases

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The written report should be on the above research and development.

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Cost Accounting: Leadership in solar and energy industries
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