Invasive species threatening the great lakes


For this assignment, you will write a paper on a topic that is related to some environmental issue concerning the Great Lakes. The topic may be related to the lecture material, or be something you come up with on your own. Some possible suggestions are:

• Invasive species threatening the Great Lakes

• Chemicals of emerging concern in the Great Lakes

• Beach water quality on the Great Lakes

• Great Lakes environmental assessment and mapping (GLEAM) project

• Plastic pollution in the Great Lakes

Feel free to come up with your own topic as well. If you choose a topic related to the lecture material, your paper must go beyond what was discussed in class.

You will be marked on content, organization, clarity, proper grammar, and proper use of references. Please keep your paper to a 5 page limit (not including title page and references).

This assignment will be marked out of 20 and will contribute to 5% of your grade in the course.

Marks will be assigned based on:

- Relevant choice of topic (/2)
- Introduction (/2)
- Body: sufficient depth, goes beyond lecture materials, makes reference / provides relationships to course content (/8)
- Conclusion (/3)
- Organization, clarity, grammar, adherence to guidelines (/3)
- Proper used of citations and complete reference list (/2)

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