In the i say section provide a thesis statement explaining

Summary and Counter Argument After deeply reading Leon Botstein's article, "Let Teenagers Try Adulthood" (CP), write a 3-5 page essay that presents a counterargument to his argument for readers unfamiliar with the article. In the "They Say" portion, use the techniques we have practiced in class to provide a summary of the source article, including a catchy hook. In the "I Say" section, provide a thesis statement explaining your response to one element of Botstein's proposal. This is the section where you should present a logically organized argument refuting or rebutting one part of Botstein's plan. Thoroughly develop your counterargument with specific supporting detail drawn from your own experience and observation. You may not use any written source information except for the original article. And remember to use quotation marks and capital letters when referring to the title of the article (see example above). To assist your organization, use the planning documents on the following pages.

Exercise - Generating Supporting Evidence With a partner, brainstorm examples and details from your own experience/observation that you could use to "prove" each general idea below.

1. Botstein argues that the high school system is too different from the way adults live, so it doesn't prepare students for their adult lives.

2. As Botstein notes, by the time students graduate from high school, "too much time has been wasted."

3. One of the changes that Botstein proposes is to create "new kinds of institutions" that would help students work/intern with people who are already working in fields they chose - almost a "trade school" approach.

4. Planning Worksheet They Say Hook: Botstein's main argument: Detailed summary of the one element you will later respond to

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Other Subject: In the i say section provide a thesis statement explaining
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