Improving leadership through teamwork

Problem: Improving Leadership Through Teamwork

Developing teamwork is an important aspect of leadership and aids in the success of a professional working environment. Teamwork is working with an understanding and commitment to the goals of the group. Directions For this assignment, read the case study at the end of Chapter 9, "Ashley Wants to Boost Teamwork." Reflect on the reading in Unit 5 and create a plan to support Ashley's leadership using your analysis of leadership theories in a professional setting. Which leadership theories can Ashley use to become a more effective team leader in her professional position? What can Ashley do to get her team more interested in functioning as a team? Based on the information you have found in the case, what is your evaluation of Ashley's charisma? What goals can Ashley set for herself to become a more effective team leader? Please write a detailed plan for how Ashley can successfully achieve those goals. How does this case study add to or change your thoughts on leadership and improve your own leadership skills?


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Other Management: Improving leadership through teamwork
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