Importance of green stone in ancient mesoamerica


Topic: Chalchihuitl, the importance and use of green stone in ancient Mesoamerica

You must put together a 10-minute video presentation (10 slides) where you teach your fellow classmates about the most relevant information on your topic. The lecture must be based on the most up-to-date scientific information and this information must be properly cited in the lecture itself. The lecture must present, in an organized way, all pertinent information on the chosen topic, its temporal and geographical context, and it must discuss the most current studies or debates on the subject.

Also, students must provide the professor with two questions based on their lecture. These questions may be included in class quizzes and discussions.

As a video of a PowerPoint or Key note presentation that presents a well-organized lecture, with extensive lecture notes for each slide, and a slide listing your references.

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History: Importance of green stone in ancient mesoamerica
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