If you lived 2000 years ago which would be the best to own

If you lived 2000 years ago, which would be the best to own: a horse or a cow or a dozen chickens? Why?

Poetry ­ Meter

Poetryassignment for Rhythms of Speech

Option One: Forthis poem, select one of the previous poems you've written for this class and rework the words and the lines so that each line can be parsed into combinationsof two­ or three­syllable feet. Such an arrangement will create a poem thatuses the "ghost of meter."

Option Two: Alternately,if you wish, you may rework a poem that uses consistent metrical lengths in allof your lines (in other words, a poem with all trimeter lines, all tetrameterlines, etc.)

Writing Conclusions

Now you have written an introduction, and a couple body paragraphs. Now it's time to write a conclusion. Again build upon your introductions and body paragraphs. A conclusion summarizes your main points and then restates your thesis.

Analysis Paper 1 Draft

Choose one of the four poems from Poem Group 1 in Unit 6. Create a detailed thesis and write a 1000 word analysis paper. I would like to set up a peer edit, but unsure if that will work in the Open Enrollment class as everyone will be on your own schedules, so I look over every draft, comment on it, and send it back for you to work on for your final.

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English: If you lived 2000 years ago which would be the best to own
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