Identify controversial issue involving wildlife conservation


Students are required to identify one controversial issue involving wildlife conservation. Topics can be local issues (e.g., Pygmy owl habitat versus urban development), national/regional (e.g., Should reintroduced wolf populations be hunted?), or international (e.g., Adoption and implementation of the convention on Biodiversity). Students will prepare an analysis of their selected issue that must include five labeled sections (i.e., use headings to label each section).

· Title and description of the issue

· Arguments in favor

· Arguments against

· Conclusion (with student's personal position on the issue), and

· Literature cited (use any citation system you wish as long as the reader can tell where the information was published; most citations should be books or journals, not just websites)

Response should be roughly 5 to 10 pages in length and should be based on information obtained from published literature (i.e., books and journals), and some websites.


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