How will joining the gym promote community participation


Read the case study/then answer the questions that follow.

Case study

Ron is a young man with a large family. He has had a psychological disability that caused him to self-harm but now he is on medication and positive about life.

At his first meeting with Janet, a supervisor at a disability service that specialises in fitness, he discusses his love for running. Janet asks him how far he could go with it and Ron smiles 'One day I want to run a marathon'.

Janet later meets again with Ron, his sister and his mother. The meeting is productive and identifies that Ron has diabetes and epilepsy which he manages himself with medication. The impact of these health conditions and the side effects of all his medication, which include dizziness and nausea, are also discussed.

His support needs include transport, and due to the severity of his epilepsy, Ron cannot get a driver's license. They say that Ron needs to be kept busy and active otherwise he can get depressed.

Janet, Ron and his mum meet again and finalise their ideas and put them in the plan including all the details about Ron's medications.

Janet investigates joining a gym with Ron, but when he lists all his medication on the fitness assessment form the manager of the gym is reluctant to take Ron on as a member. After another assessment and with assurance of support from Janet, the gym agrees to offer Ron a restricted membership at half price, excluding use of the weight room, on agreement that a support worker accompanies him.

Getting off a treadmill at the end of his session, Ron strikes up a conversation with a young woman who has finished her work out. They share a coffee in the café afterwards.

Question 1. List two strategies that Janet has used to identify Ron's needs for participation.

Question 2. What service supports did Janet provide to assist Ron to participate in the gym activities?

Question 3. Identify at least two actions Janet accomplished to assist Ron to identify a community engagement option to achieve his goals?

Question 4. How has Janet assisted Ron to access the gym in a cost-effective way?

Question 5. How will joining the gym promote community participation and social inclusion for Ron?

Question 6. What are two important pieces of information that all workers who support Ron should be aware of in his plan?

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