How to build a relationship and gain a level of respect

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When witnessing to anyone, it's important to get the point across that you both are on the same level in life. The fact that I'm a Christian doesn't mean I'm perfect, it only means I know the One who is perfect. Sometimes its necessary to build a relationship and gain a level of respect from an individual before you get inside their head to get a grasp on their thoughts on God. To witness to a Buddhist, the first thing I would do is build the relationship. To do this, I would show that I truly care about the person and their well-being. All of us just need a little loving anyways. As the relationship began to grow, I would slowly work my worldview into common conversation, just to get the wheels turning a bit. It can be best at times to start small in witnessing, while letting God direct. The main barrier for me in witnessing to my Buddhist friend has been the idea that we are products of our environment. I grew up in a Christian home, and he grew up in a Buddhist home. We both cling to our beliefs because that's what we've always known. Personally, I've challenged my beliefs many times, and the beliefs have held up. It's important to let the person know that it's a good thing to test your beliefs and hold them up next to other systems of thought. God doesn't need to be tested, and we aren't to test Him, but it's not a problem to investigate. The personal challenge for me is always getting frustrated when my friend doesn't understand where I'm coming from. In my head, things make sense, but I get frustrated when my friend can't grasp what I'm saying. My main focus is to keep my cool, speak clearly, and let God direct all conversation.



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Other Subject: How to build a relationship and gain a level of respect
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