How much charge passes through the battery - what is the

1. A service station charges a battery using a current of 6.7 A for 5.0 h. How much charge passes through the battery?

2.  A certain copper wire has a resistance of 10.0 . At what point along its length must the wire be cut so that the resistance of one piece is 4.0 times the resistance of the other? What is the resistance of each piece?

3. At $0.095 per kWh, what does it cost to leave a 25-W porch light on day and night for a year?

4. A 1.5-V dry cell can be tested by connecting it to a low-resistance ammeter. It should be able to supply at least 22 A. What is the internal resistance of the cell in this case, assuming it is much greater than that of the ammeter?

5. A close inspection of an electric circuit reveals that a 480- resistor was inadvertently soldered in the place where a 320- resistor is needed. How can this be fixed without removing anything from the existing circuit?.

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Physics: How much charge passes through the battery - what is the
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