How facebook is effective social media used for advertising

Assignment Task: Social media is an effective medium of advertising for business. This has become more prevalent during the pandemic period. Given below are the two samples of questionnaire items created from a formulated research questionnaire regarding the benefits of use of social media for advertising. Evaluate each questionnaire item using the following criteria and state your evaluation result for each. If your evaluation falls short of the criteria, suggest a correct questionnaire item.


- Brief (They avoid long, overly technical, or unnecessary words. This brevity makes them easier for respondents to understand and faster for them to complete.)

- Relevant (avoids annoying respondents with what they will rightly perceive as irrelevant or even "nosy" questions.)

- Unambiguous (they can be interpreted in only one way)

- Specific (it is clear to respondents what their response should be about and clear to researchers what it is about)

- Objective (Questionnaire items do not reveal the researcher's own opinions or lead participants to answer in a particular way)

1. Facebook is an effective social media used for advertising.

2. Social media can influence older generation of people?

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