How does the students insight enhance your own

Select three or four paragraphs from a key passage in Life of Pi. Key passages are passages that develop or enhance plot, character, conflict or theme. Examine the workings of the key passage. If you like you can connect your discussion of features of your selected passage to relevant characteristics of the book as a whole.

Consider the following to guide your close reading:

• Determine how the author manipulates the elements to support their purpose (theme)

• plot (chronology, fragmentation, flashbacks; backstory),

• character (stereotype, archetype; flat, rounded, cartoon,)

• perspective (point of view of narrative voice; slant/bias - missing perspectives)

• language (metaphor, imagery, allusion etc),

• setting (pathetic fallacy, atmosphere; locational, temporal etc)

• conflict (nature of the conflict; genesis, evolution and resolution of the conflict)

• context (beyond the text worldviews and issues; the writer's world)

Post your Close Reading in the discussion area AND to Respond to two close readings made by peers.

• What terminology, elements of literature, history, other pertinent information did you learn from this close reading that you did not previously know?

• How does the student's insight enhance your own understanding?

• Is there any part of the analysis that you question?

Is there anything that you have seen in the passage that your classmate may have missed and not touched on?

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Humanities: How does the students insight enhance your own
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