Describe an incident fire spill explosion etc you have

Two questions Hazardous Materials

Question 1

Describe an incident (fire, spill, explosion, etc) you have experienced (or research one on the Internet, professional journal, or scientific magazine article) that involved a hazardous organic material(s) and required mitigation. Please do not use the instances supplied in the textbook unless you intend to provide a lot more detail. The following items must be addressed:
Describe the incident and identify the hazardous organic material(s) involved;
Discuss the chemical interactions of the material(s) involved in this incident or hazardous properties relevant to the incident;
Discuss the mitigation required or implemented.

Question 2

Describe the nature and characteristics of PCB's. Why are they of importance to an EH & S or FS professional who encounters them when coming upon an incident scene where they are present? What precautions, or actions, should the EH&S or FS professional take when faced with this situation? What happens to FS personnel and their turnout gear once they are exposed/splashed with PCB's?

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Science: Describe an incident fire spill explosion etc you have
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