How does the nasw code of ethics apply

Assignment task: Yoko's problem is that she discovered she hates food preparation and the training program in which she was arbitrarily placed. She wants to work and needs training, but would like it to involve office work, sales, or anything but food preparation. She has little time to make a change. She will only qualify for a few more months of assistance before she is required to work and her assistance is terminated.

Yoko doesn't know who she can turn to. The agency has no client advisory group or formal appeals process for clients to use. Clients must work through their designated worker. Yoko feels frustrated, angry, and powerless.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word proposal to the organization's board for how they can improve their structure and relational patterns for helping their clients. Your proposal should include:

  • Improvements in the managerial process
  • Improvements in the organizational structure
  • An explanation of how these improvements will help the organization empower clients and enhance their relations with their clients.

Consider the following questions when creating your proposal:

  • How might the Department of Social Services' management improve the system to include procedures and opportunities for Yoko's empowerment?
  • How does the NASW Code of Ethics apply to this scenario (cite specific sections)?
  • How might Yoko be allowed better opportunities to voice her opinions, make her own decisions, and have direct access to people in power making decisions about her?

Use the NASW Code of Ethics and at least one additional scholarly source in your discussion. Your textbook may be used as a source.

Cite your sources according to APA guidelines.

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