How does spirituality differ from religion


Review theexcellent tutorial on spirituality as complementary care in medical settings: Spirituality in Healthcare - Center for Spirituality and Healing. Be sure to apply the information in this tutorial when you prepare the assignment below.

You will develop a lecture on spirituality and healing appropriate for delivery to physicians and nurses at a local hospital. Some, but not all, of the issues to be addressed in your lecture include the following:

How does spirituality differ from religion?

What is the role of nurse or physician is in relation to the patient's spirituality?

What key questions would the caregiver explore with the patient to become better informed about the patient's spiritual beliefs and outlook?

What role should the caregiver's own religious or spiritual background play when relating to the spiritual needs of the patient?

When should the caregiver refer the patient to other resources for spiritual care?

Be sure to base your lecture on the latest evidence in the field, as represented by at least five articles published in PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS!

Response should be 5 to 7 pages.


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