How does social class affect achievement of goals

Homework: Worksheet- Social Inequity

Every society has social classes - general groupings in a society that share common cultural, economic, or political status. The notion of social classes extends beyond a societal level and exists in other social situations. For example, consider the social classes within a high school setting. The obvious grouping is by grade level; other "social classes," in a high school setting, may depend on income, GPA, and popularity as an example. As you discovered from your lesson this week, sociologists use objective factors of income, education, and occupation to define social class.

How does social class affect achievement of goals? For this homework, you will examine what is social class and apply the concepts to your own situation.


Perform the following tasks:

1. Complete the reading homework and the interactive lesson before attempting this homework.

2. Read the Written Homework for a review of writing expectations.

3. To complete this homework:

• Use the worksheet on page 2 to respond to the questions:
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