Good design - this second web site should demonstrate our

Poor Design vs. Good Design

Find two web sites and review them within the context of the following-

Poor Design - The first web site should demonstrate bad design that has poor style and awkward navigation.

Good Design - This second web site should demonstrate our criteria of a good design and good navigation.

Prepare a self-assessment document to post to the dropbox that addresses the following:

a. List the URL addresses of the two sites.

b. Briefly explain why this first design is poor (what principles are ignored?).

c. Briefly explain why this second design is good (what principles are achieved?).

d. Explain how the navigation in this websites demonstrates bad and good design.

e. Explain why it is important to have consistency throughout your design.

f. Are there signs of accessibility for all end users?

g. What elements should you keep in mind when designing for the end user?

h. What elements of this site will you plan on using in your own web site design?

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Basic Computer Science: Good design - this second web site should demonstrate our
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