Compare and contrast ayn rand and immanuel kant on altruism

Please answer one question from each of the three sections.


1) Compare and contrast Ayn Rand and Immanuel Kant on altruism (hint: look at the Grounding)

2) What is ethics? Divide ethics into the categories we have discussed and define each type.

3) What is an ethical or moral dilemma? How does a moral argument differ from a non-moral one. Discuss the implications of the "naturalistic fallacy." (hint: think "is-ought fallacy").


4) With regards to the Kansas City Hyatt disaster, is it unethical for design engineers to not ensure that their designs are followed to the letter? Regardless of your answer, would it be a good idea to add such a requirement to engineering codes? (hint: look at the law for MI or PA).

5) How does Harris et al define professional ethics? What are some problems with Harris et als view that personal ethics should ordinarily be given up in favor of professional ethics.

6) Respond to the ECPD's requirements for being a professional (the Firmage article).


7) What is Lozano's integrity approach? How successful is he in writing a code that instantiates this approach?

8) What are Ladd's arguments against codes of ethics?

9) Assess pro and con the value of a code of ethics for engineers, use codes such as the NSPE code.

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English: Compare and contrast ayn rand and immanuel kant on altruism
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