Free trade has been growing does nafta north america free

Free Trade has been growing! Does NAFTA [North America Free Trade Agreement] sound familiar? NAFTA was passed under the Clinton administration. Nine years later, U.S. Congress approved CAFTA [Central America Free Trade Agreement] which was signed into law by the former President Bush. Think about the impact of NAFTA and CAFTA on the U.S. trade. Is U.S. having trade deficits or trade surplus with Canada and Mexico? Remember U.S. imports oil from both countries. Is U.S. demanding for more oil during the recession? Why not? What is happening to oil imports these days? Can you find the U.S. made products easily around you? Why not? Think about the Globally-made products by Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Nearly Half of China's Export-oriented Factories are owned by American and other foreign MNCs! What Roles do the MNCs play in the U.S. trade deficits? How can the U.S. improve exports? What are the nation's Comparative Advantages?

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Business Economics: Free trade has been growing does nafta north america free
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