Federal laws-regulations regarding pay and benefits

Question 1. Review federal laws and regulations regarding both pay and benefits (including the Fair Labor Standards Act, FMLA, HIPAA compliance, Equal Employment Opportunity, the Equal Pay Act, and ERISA) and assess the implications of those laws on the Ford Motor Industry.

Question 2. Assess the various methods for determining internal pay equity and make recommendations about which of these methods are the most appropriate for the Ford Motor industry. Be sure to provide rationale choices.

Question 3. Assess the external pay equity issues in the auto industry, including a determination of external equity using the most common criteria (geographical location, industry, and job characteristics).

Question 4. Identify a process that Ford Motor Industry within the auto industry could use to evaluate specific positions within the company for both internal and external pay competitiveness.

Include at least five sources that address internal and external pay equity and at least two industry or trade sources that discuss aspects of pay equity within the Ford Automotive industry.

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Business Law and Ethics: Federal laws-regulations regarding pay and benefits
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