Factors contributing to projects successes and failures

Assignment task:

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to gain awareness of factors contributing to projects' successes and failures.

Background: A high rate of projects experience failure due to different factors which in most cases related to the corresponding industry.

For this assignment, will need to research and share your findings of reasons for success and failures. Provide the top best 5 practices that can contribute to project success, and 5 top best practices to avoid pitfalls. Provide a real example of a successful project, and an example of a failed project from one specific industry. At the end, share your own reflection on recent trends in project management, and the single most important factor to a successful project.

Your document should be between 600 and 80O words, and includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Findings
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion

Assignment will be graded according to the following:

  • Relevance and data accuracy (25%)
  • Clarity and structure (25%)
  • Analysis (20%)
  • Critical thinking (30%)

Looking forward to reading your work.

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Other Management: Factors contributing to projects successes and failures
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