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For this forum we examine we explore the gun control debate. Watch the following:

John Stossel Links Gun Control to Higher Crime Rates John Stossel Links Gun Control to Higher Crime Rates

The John Stossel video segment argues that strict gun control does not reduce gun violence because criminals do not use legal means to obtain firearms and citizens are left vulnerable. Please discuss your view of current gun control regulations and the right of citizens to be armed. Do you agree with the Stossel report? Why or why not? Please explain your view and provide any examples from your personal experiences. Do you believe the culture in the U.S. is more violent than cultures in other nations in Europe where guns are much more regulated? Discuss the disparity in violent crime rates in Europe, where gun control is stronger, and the U.S.

Submit the main post, with a heading. Your main post should be substantive and 500-word minimum. Be clear and concise.

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