Explore how some of the major changes marrying later or not

Chose one from among the following four topics:

1. Explore how some of the major changes (marrying later or not at all, having few children if any, balancing work and home, caring for so many aging family members, etc.) in families in family are reshaping US society.

2. It seems very odd that our book does give time to the Military as an important sociological institution. Explore howthe military behaves as a significant part of our society (or not). How does it socialize, re-socialize and/or anchor significant elements within the larger society? How does it participate in the economy?

3. How does media consolidation impact the functioning of our society? How does democracy thrive when six huge conglomerates own over 90% of our media outlets? Howls the intemet working with or against this trend? How objective is the our access to information when the media need to cater to the corporations that advertize on them?

4. Medical care in the US is 50% more expensive than in any other developed nation (100% more expensive than the average of developed nations). Still, the US has by far the most people (in numbers and percentage) who do not have access to health care. How can we use sociology to understand these facts?

Then choose from the choices (most likely the psych and behavioral science section). At that point you will need to log in using your last name and student ID. Note: If you are granted an extension for the course, you must contact the library and ask that your access to the database be extended or you will lose access at or near your scheduled completion date.

Limit your search to kill text, peer review that have been published within the last four (4) years. Abstracts and materials from publications that are not peer reviewed may be included and even useful to your paper, but they will not count toward the mandated number of quality articles. In addition to the articles, you must demonstrate how the subject correlates to at least 5 chapters from our text These steps should insure that will utilize a wealth of articles that are written by scholars and anchored in solid research to expand on your sociological thinking.

You should begin working on this here in the 5th Module even though it is not due till the last week of the course. Do not even think of plagiarizing.

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