Explain your understanding of the term office politics


Answer the following ten questions using only your text and lecture notes as sources. Cite your answers, and be specific in your examples.

• Define the term "politics".

• Explain your understanding of the term "office politics" and why it is important to acknowledge its existence. This is covered in the lecture notes.

• Define "federalism". Give an example of something in your wallet that comes from the federal, state and special district levels of government.

• Define the terms "block grant" and "matching grant". What is the difference between them?

• Explain the Ninth (IX) Amendment. Who benefits from it?

• What are the "checks and balances" indicated in the Constitution? List and explain at least two.

• Explain why Article II of the Constitution is so vague as to the specific duties of the President?

• Explain the Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia vs. Heller. Which amendment is affected by this decision? Does this decision apply to the states?

• Define "direct democracy". Do we practice this in California? If so, explain how we implement this.

• What are "collective goods"? Explain the concept and illustrate it with an example.

The response must include a reference list. One-inch margins, double-space, Using Times New Roman 12 pnt font and APA style of writing and citations.

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