Explain how geography interacts with sociology


You must select for this assignment one of the topics provided in the following list. You must conduct research on the topic you selected and write a short (200-250 words), essay in which you report your research findings.

1. Explain how geography interacts with sociology.
2. Discuss the impact of pollution on the environment.
3. Explain the relation of social change to each of the following: discovery and invention, cultural diffusion, ideas and ideologies.
4. What are some of the problems that a country faces in trying to limit its population growth?.
5. Have the predictions of Thomas Malthus come true?
6. Identify some of the reasons why the world population has grown in the past 200 years.
7. Describe the Industrial Revolution and some of the reasons why it was successful in the United States.

• This assignment must be written using proper English grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Two (2) points will be deducted for each spelling, grammatical, and/or punctuation error. Work that contains more than five (5) spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors will receive a grade of F (no points).

• Essays that have less than the minimum required 200 words will not be read, and will be assigned a grade of F (No points).

• Essays are automatically submitted to SafeAssign.

1. Any work that SafeAssign identifies as having more than a 10% rate of plagiarism after quoted material and small matches (10 words or less) are excluded will not be read and will received a grade of F (No points).

2. All essays must be written using Microsoft Office applications such as Word. Work that is not submitted through the assigned drop box or that is submitted using software that is not compatible with Safe Assign (SafeAssign accepts files in .doc, .docx, .docm, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, and .html file formats only) will not be read and will receive a grade of zero.

3. Submitting a paper that was already submitted by the student to another professor and/or course is also considered an act of academic dishonesty. Students who are found doing this will also receive an F (no points) for this assignment. Students must write a different new essay or paper for every class they take.

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