Experience reports to an experienced lpn/vn


A unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) with less than one year of experience reports to an experienced LPN/VN, "The charge nurses are always checking up on me and evaluating my client care. I feel as if the charge nurses do not trust me to give good care to my clients." Which response by the experienced LPN/VN demonstrates an understanding of appropriate staff supervision? 1. The charge nurses are accountable for supervising client care and client safety after delegating the client care assignments. 2. The charge nurses do that to everyone. It can be annoying sometimes, when they ask about your client care. 3. Why don't you speak to the charge nurses about your perception of not being trusted to care for your clients? This is probably not their intention. 4. You are a new nurse, and the charge nurses know that you do not have the experience and knowledge base yet to handle some of your assignments.

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