Evaluate theories of classroom management


Topic: Ultrasound Guided IV placement

Learning Environment: Simulation Lab and Pediatric Emergency Department

Create a 3 to 4 page report on the optimal learning environment for the course you began developing in Assessment 1. You should select a learning environment that will foster motivation in your learner population, support your efforts at classroom motivation, and best serve the goals of the course.


Create a report that does the following:

• Describes the learning environment most appropriate for the educational topic and intended audience that you identified.

• Briefly describes and evaluates theories of classroom management, learner management, and learner motivation that are relevant to your course and intended audience.

• Describes evidence-based strategies for classroom and learner management and evidence-based best practices to enhance learner motivation and how you would employ these in your learning environment and with a diverse group of learners.

• Supports your choices with scholarly resources.

Additional Requirements

• Format: 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, double-spaced in Microsoft Word.

• Length: 3 to 4 pages, plus a title page and a references page.

• Use correct APA format (6th edition), including running head, page numbers, and a title page.

• Use and cite at least three scholarly articles in your plan within last 5 years

• Writing should be free of grammar and spelling errors that distract from content.

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